Turning Point Showcase: Ceramic Jeweller – Rachel Codd

“While some artists stumble into a niche by chance, Rachel Codd discovered her’s early on and nurtured it over time. Yet something about her says, quite clearly, she won’t be resting on her laurels.”  –  Cardiff School of art and design.

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 As Rachel explains “I make narrative jewellery in stained porcelain, often working with existing classical narratives; such as in the case of my current work; a collection of necklaces, based on Oscar Wilde’s poem ‘la belle della mia mente. I’ve loved working in ceramics since I was a child and was also constantly taking pieces of jewellery apart and reconstructuring them in to new designs; it seemed only right combine my  two passions to create my practice.My current work based on Oscar Wilde’s poem explored the natural beauty of the human form as I see my media; jewellery, in function as a means to  highlight ones beauty. I value the ornate in my practice  and strive to create work which contains layers of meaning and  detail.”

If you would like to see more of Rachel’s work, she can be contacted via:

Blog –         chinalace.wordpress.com/

Facebook page –  facebook.com/CeramicRachelCodd

Tumblr –                rachelcoddceramics.tumblr.com

 Email –                   yukitenshe@hotmail.com


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