Turning Point Showcase: Ceramicist Hannah Grahame

This week’s showcase starts off with the work of Hannah Grahame.

For Hannah her practice is ephemeral. It can be preserved, but inevitably becomes a memory. She states “our memories are often replaced by means of preservation, and we find that fragments of our lives are confined to literal and digital materials. They change as time progresses, and are even erased altogether.

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My practice embraces it’s mortality and as a result, creates life. As the materials deteriorate, they are consumed and act as a means of nutrition, birthing new worlds as another disintegrates. I encourage my materials to exist as they mean to through denying myself the control over their development. My aim is to celebrate time. Due to the nature of my materials, my work requires a lot of patience. I am currently in the trial and error stage of my process, exploring ambiguity and our need to define what we see.”

If you would like to get in contact with Hannah, follow the links below:

Instagram: hsjgrahame
To get further updates and connections to the artists in Turning Point, please visit, like and share at:

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