Turning Point Showcase: Land Art Ceramicist Imogen Higgins

For our second showcase, we focus on the land art of Imogen Higgins. Imogen quotes that “through my work I am trying to explore the human/ nature divide. Historically people were not so separated from the natural world around them, humans had to make environmentally sound decisions because if they didn’t, this would have a direct influence on their immediate future. Although decisions made about the environment matter now more than ever, the time frame in which these decisions will start to impact the individual in a very real way is much wider. Even when damaging decisions begin to influence the livelihoods of humans, most typically it is not those that are making the decisions that will be impacted first or most dramatically.”

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“In my work I hope to explore the role that art might play in reconnecting people with their natural environment. For this reason using natural materials is vitally important. The size of the piece is also important as I aim to create experiences for my audience so that they are not simply observers but participants.  My work is strongly linked to the movement of land art, however my background as a ceramicist is evident through the development of my ideas which is done predominantly on the wheel.”

To find out more about Imogen Higgins’ practice, follow the link below:

Blog – https://imogenhiggins.wordpress.com/


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