Turning Point Showcase: Conceptual Ceramicist Chrisoula Konstantakos

Here is our last showcase for this week, investigating the conceptual matters of process through the work of Chrisoula Konstantakos.

As Chrisoula suggests her work has “much to do about what I do and what inspires me is what I do. Process is my central focus and the centre of my practise. Getting to the gist of the processes opens new avenues in which I investigate my material.  It’s the art of making that allows me to express ideas in a tangible, haptic form. I can give nothingness a palpable form. From making, come my ideas/my creative expression because it doesn’t set limits or conforms me to pre-conceived ideals.”

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“I look to traditional processes but combine them with industrial and contemporary tools to update my work. This group of work is based on the deconstruction of a vessel. I took away all its utilitarian qualities and worked with the bare essence of form and turned attention to the inner form. Traditionally, the vessel is observed and admired from its exterior and hidden is the inner space. I made that void, that nothingness tangible and started manipulating that space with my process.

A simple form can hide such complexities that I as maker, can investigate and in turn apply to other forms and concepts.”

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