Turning Point Showcase: Ceramicist Donna Leach

This week’s artwork begins with the visual representation of objects shown through ceramicist Donna Leach. In conversation with Donna, she describes her work as “the aesthetic sensibilities experienced from the visual representation created within an object displaying contradictions of the real and unreal.”

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“This visual language of past and present forms a ‘tipping point’ creating an intimacy with the viewer where they are invited to question their perception.The aim of this visual representation is to create sign’s enabling memories to be triggered and narrative’s to be formed through evoking sensory, subjective, psychological and emotional properties which are experienced through memories and storytelling.These binary opposites relating to past and present create the dialogue of visual language.  The ambiguous and familiar objects create symbolic forms of land, location, storytelling and history which are displayed to the audience where they can be the director of their story.”

To see more of Donna Leach’s work, you can find her through:

Blog – https://donnaleachceramics.wordpress.com/

Also as part of our funding for our degree show, we have set up an account to donate to through Indiegogo, where you can support us and also get something back in return. Just follow the link below for more details of how you can get involved:



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