Turning Point Showcase: Ceramicist Joanna Simmonds

This week concludes with the landscape ceramics work of Joanna Simmonds. Joanna using the relationship and investigation of the transformation of 2D to 3D.

Joanna explains that “the development of my work has become increasingly dependent on drawing, it explores the relationship of 2D into 3D and the expressions and surfaces that can be discovered through this process. The focus of my work is central to landscape, specifically Mountains. The attention on mountains was drawn from the memories and observational drawings that I have collected from family holidays in the French Alps. However although the idea may have been born from the views, hikes and images that are primary resources for me, the context around the mountains has developed along side my progression of making objects and drawings.

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A mountain is a universal symbol; the image is understood in every language. It is this simplicity I wish to capture, everyone can imagine a mountain and process the image, and this universality has the ability to connect us all. Therefore the object becomes the context. Fundamentally a mountain is a mountain, but what does a mountain mean to the individual. Through the process of drawing and sculpture it is my intent to form a conversation between the 2D and 3D in which a central object –the mountain- connects each thought process.”

To find out more about Joanna’s ceramic practice, click on the link below:

Blog – https://jsmonds1.wordpress.com/

Additionally as part of our degree show we have set up an online donation where you can help to continue to support the Turning Point ceramicists, be part of the exhibition and also get your hands on some amazing ceramics work!!! If you would like to donate or to have a browse follow the link below:



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