Turning Point Showcase: Potter Bleddyn Lewis

This week provides a very different way of working with ceramics, looking back into traditional routes and expression. Our first showcase is the pottery work of Bleddyn Lewis.

Bleddyn expresses “when I am making I have a general notion as to what I am about…There is no accident, just as there is no beginning and no end. I am as much a part of the art as the clay or the glazes. I don’t say I know what the form is about, but what I am about. Surrendering to the moment, sometimes I lose the pieces, but I have no fear of changes, of destroying the pieces. Because the pieces has a life of its own, I try to let it live. I can be a part of the creative moment without deciding how it will turn out.”


“The skills apply on the potter’s wheel, I explore the tradition technique of different cultures and self-express those values in my practice. The passion of my practice comes from exploring the oxblood and how the glaze interacts with my forms and as I always think ‘a good pot always tells a story’. The oxblood always leaves the artwork to speak for its self as every oxblood is like a snow flake never alike. It is those characters I explore and invite into my practice leaving my work to never have a beginning or a ending in the process of material value.”

For further information of Bleddyn Lewis’ work, click on the link below:

Blog – https://bleddynlewis.wordpress.com/

For those that have supported us and for other that might not know as part of our degree show we have set up a fundraising page on Indiegogo. Here you can find out more about the show, donate and also possibly get your hands on some of the ceramics work featured in the Turning Point exhibition. To find out more follow the link below:



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