Turning Point Showcase: Potter Kate Miller

Carrying on the theme of last week, we have another potter starting our showcase this week, Kate Miller.

As Kate says “the body of work I have created so far for the Degree Show is both an exploration of material and theoretical constructs, and a statement on global conservation from a socio-political standpoint.  Drawing inspiration from graph readings of seismic events, I utilise the physicality and structure of the thrown vessel and construct composite forms with juxtapositional surface qualities in order to present the notion of ecological fragility.  I plan to complete this series of objects with a variety of finishes which will further emphasise this theme.”

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“My work is centred around the potter’s wheel. As she says “I am drawn to functionality in ceramic pieces, and have predominantly created utilitarian items as final outcomes in response to project briefs.  Therefore the collection of ceramic pieces I intend to create for the exhibition will possess a practical element; making the collection also a poignant culmination of the practical skills and conceptual processes I have acquired and developed during the three years of the degree course.”

To find out more about Kate’s practice, please follow the links below:

Blog – https://kateandclay.wordpress.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/katemceramics?fref=ts

UPDATE: We have now received £755 of our target of £1,800 for support of our degree show which is amazing, but we still need to reach our target, please help spread the word even if you can’t donate, visit and share the link below and be part of the Turning Point exhibition too!!!!



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