Turning Point Showcase: Landscape Ceramicist Jane Plahe

This week showcases end on a very unique note, with the ceramic work of Jane Plahe. From Jane’s work we start to reconnect with our roots and the basis of who we are and what we are made of, clay and ceramics informing this.

As Jane expresses “my work is about the stuff of the Earth, its ancientness and variety, how this effects the landscape above it, and through this, our lives in the short time that we have been inhabitants of that landscape.”

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“The clay of the Earth contains the evidence of all history, including the evolution and common origins of all humanity. We used to depict our imaginations, our beliefs and our lives, It facilitated the earliest beginnings of life and absorbs us on our death, we are part of the earth, but a very small part. We have distanced ourselves with a veneer of civilization, but we move across a planet that existed long before us, and will continue after we have gone. We are from it, and will return to it. I am fascinated by the stuff of clay, its universality, its huge variety within the same basic chemical composition. This has led me to use it to depict the variety and basic sameness of humanity in my present work, informing the work for my degree show, in which I have used common clay dug from a variety of locations. The different behaviours of the clay during the process have allowed for a certain randomness and the incidental results have allowed the material to become something more than a vehicle, but to be expressive of itself.”

To find out more about Jane’s practice and the other ceramicists featuring in the Turning Point exhibition and to possibly support and donate, follow the link below:



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