Turning Point Showcase: Ceramicist Kevin Plummer

Our showcase week begins with the work of Kevin Plummer, who uses the background behind processes in connection with technique.

For Kevin, “this work is an alchemic reaction to empirical, conceptual, and design processes, combined with evidence that reconciling disparate concepts is not necessarily a fruitless exercise. Where Isaac Newton, along with many Renaissance scientists, spent countless hours attempting to turn base elements into elusive precious metals with no success, the modern ceramicist has the power to do this, through an understanding of essential periodic table components, and meticulous firing procedures.”

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“In-glaze lusterware had a prominent heyday a century ago, within the Art Nouveaux and Art Deco movements. The intervening years have seen a marked divergence between utilitarianism and aesthetically functional ceramics. These pieces are a culmination of painstaking material investigation, with the emphasis on nuanced procedural alteration. Through a juxtaposition of textured matte underglaze surface and cobalt lustre finish, as well as smooth surfaces and ridged, banded surface articulation and decoration, this work interrogates the dichotomies of polarities. However, these pieces also embody a reconciliation; disparate elements, although diametrically opposed, also underpin (and complement) each other’s existence and veracity.”

For more information about Kevin’s work and the other ceramicists featuring in the Turning Point Exhibition, find us at our fundraising page:


Here you can help to support us by simple spreading the word, maybe through donation or just keeping us in mind.


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