Turning Point Showcase: Ceramic Sculptor Amber Yoyo Lei

This week’s final showcase looks into a different area of ceramics, Amber Yoyo Lei uses ceramics as a means of expression and to question ourselves as humans, the way we feel being a key aspect.

“ I create work based on the idea of us, human beings. Not only forms but emotions and how we function. We, us, ourselves are human beings and yet we never can understand ourselves completely as I believe that if we do not understand ourselves and how we feel and what we are, we should not have the rights to understand things around us. “

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“Your Truly”

“The concept behind “Your Truly” is the idea of stripping down us, humans, into the very minimum, focusing on human emotions. “Skin” is one of the key elements, which divide us into different groups, but beneath it, we are all the same. However it could case pain and wars.The human parts were chosen through an experiment between a female and male, which I asked them to looked to each other for 1 min and pour porcelain slips on to others different parts. They may choose between white, red and black porcelain slip depending on their emotions towards each other within that 1 min.Using porcelain as the medium to create “skin” show fragility, but by piling them together it gives a solid compact structure. Just like how we human beings are in society. It also represents the different layers of emotions and faces we put on to get us through lives.”

To find out more information about Amber Yoyo Lei’s work, click on the link below:

Blog – https://amberylt.wordpress.com/

As part of the our exhibition Turning Point, we are receiving support and donations through our Indiegogo website in order to cover costs for shows and our catalogue. Included in this you habe a chance of also being involved in the show and possibly getting your hands on some ceramic work. To find out more, see the link below:



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