Turning Point Showcase: Ceramicist Joe Simmons

Our first showcase this week is the ceramics work of Joe Simmons, who’s work you could say is very straight and to the point.

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Joe states “I have a reference to the role; a very open start, but allows certain rules, the prosecutor at the beginning of the book. After this, work is now likely intuitive and tells answers to the question. And is a very most, upmost effective way to work, and praise to god and to the lack of control over their practice. I often find work, from what I expected; balls and frustration – tell a completely different direction. I am standing and making signs that I would do over the work, with all my arm and face sizes. The perfect implementation of the concept only is the machine side end. My way, tends to make the results of the work. I am having high thoughts and oddest brain shaping that it can go, perhaps in the bigger hills to. I realized that I actually met or not met. I describe what I do, such as three-dimensional, I think it is the most telling what they are, even if they start with clay bakes. I am telling a goat that works in many places. Venn diagram is not to make it become a thing or all the other, another joint material. I hope that there is a universal, in her luggage stuff and things, interacted with and tried to think, of other stuff and other things.”
To find out more about Joe’s work and the other ceramicists featured in the show, link on the clicks below:
Also if you would like to be more involved in our Turning Point Exhibition, we have an Indiegogo page set up where you can support our ceramicists and also get your hands on some ceramics work from the show, find out more here:

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