Turning Point Showcase: Ceramicist Adam Simpson

Our last Turning Point Showcases this week started with the environmental work of Adam Simpson. Adam’s work focuses on the relationships between human and animals.

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As Adam explains, “my work has always been in ceramics and in my drawings and paintings too to do with the way we as humans see and treat animals as a whole, mainly this has been to do with endangerment and extinction, but this year in my final year of university I’ve taken a slightly different approach to my work. I am working with myths and legends like Pandora’s box and changing it so it’s a story from the animals perspective to make them the victim and not us. The idea behind this being how do we know these myths and legends are the true story, they could be altered stories of what happened to cover up mans crimes, good examples of this would be red riding hood and George and the Dragon because how do we know the wolf and dragon were bad guys because as we know stories are written and told by the victors. I suppose this means that were I place myself in my practice as a narrator using clay like an author uses pages in a book to weave his stories.”

To view more of Adam Simpson’s work, he can be found by:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/adamdragonseramics?fref=ts

From everyone at Turning Point, we would like to say a big thank you on behalf of our supporters who helped us achieve our goal of £1,800. We are now in the midst on putting together our catalogues and finishing our work ready for our assessments and exhibition on the 30th of May to the 5th of June. To keep up to date on the latest developments of our degree show and the ceramics work, find us through:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/17turningpoint?fref=ts

Twitter – https://twitter.com/17turningpoint

Tumblr – http://17turningpoint.tumblr.com/


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